Welcome to ReDesign!

I founded my company out of a passion for board games that I recently rediscovered.

As a returner, I was looking for a way to focus on the gaming experience. The focus is on a more effective structure and on the optimal arrangement of the game material in the respective board game box while also enabling vertical storage on the shelf.

I then searched the internet for suitable inserts for my board games such as “Freitag” or for my minimalist dungeon crawler “mini Rogue”. So that I could also use the insert with sleeved cards.

Either these were not optimally organized for the gameplay or they simply lacked durability and a precise fit in the board game box. In rare cases, there was no insert for the board game you were looking for.

So the idea arose to develop my own insert and then produce it using the FDM (Fused Deposition Modeling) process. After numerous failures, improvements and revisions, the first usable insert was born in April 2023 .

This led to the idea of ​​offering this to other players at a fair price.

With the aim of providing every enthusiastic board gamer with a quicker setup , with good quality , at a reasonable price , combined with an attractive design through the different products offered in the shop.

The focus is on customer satisfaction and of course on the quick delivery of my products.

I look forward to developing useful products for you and of course for me in the future and offering them at a fair price.

I hope I was able to give you a little insight into the creation of ReDesign.

With best regards from Dinkelsbühl

Owner of ReDesign