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Sleeve Kings card sleeves SKS-8810 63.5x88mm (standard)

Sleeve Kings card sleeves SKS-8810 63.5x88mm (standard)

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This item will be available again from April 30, 2024. You can found more informations on the pre-order under FAQ - Ordering.

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We offer high-quality, custom-fit card sleeves from Sleeve Kings for our products.


Sleeve Kings Card Game Card Sleeves (63.5x88mm) PU 1 | 110 pieces, 60 microns
Publisher: Sleeve Kings
EAN: 080149926973
Packaging unit: 1 piece
Price: €2.99

Fantastic Factories + Expansions:
74 x construction plans (cards)
17 x Entrepreneurs (cards)
5 x player aids (cards)
1 x Solo Player Aid (Card)

Total number: 97 pieces 63.5x88mm

Manufactures - Expansion:
45 x construction plans (cards)
20 x Entrepreneurs (cards)
5 x Player Aid - Replacement (Cards)
1 x Solo Player Aid (Card)

Total number: 71 pieces 63.5x88mm

Subterfuge - extension:
18 x construction plans (cards)
18 x Entrepreneurs (cards)

Total number: 36 pieces 63.5x88mm

Total: 204 pieces 63.5x88mm corresponds to 2 PU = 220 pieces

55 x goods and camel cards, 63.5x88mm

Total quantity: 55 pieces 63.5x88mm corresponds to 1 PU = 110 pieces

Jekyll vs Hyde:
21 x essence cards, 63.5x88mm
4 x drunken cards, 63.5x88mm

Total quantity: 25 pieces 63.5x88mm corresponds to 1 PU = 110 pieces

Mindbug - basic game:
48 x creature cards, 63.5x88mm
4 x Mindbug cards, 63.5x88mm

Total quantity: 52 pieces 63.5x88mm corresponds to 1 PU = 110 pieces

Mini Rogue - basic game box
5 x Boss cards, 63.5x88mm
4 x character cards, 63.5x88mm
2 x tactics cards, 63.5x88mm
20 x space cards, 63.5x88mm
1 x Reward/Spirit Reference Cards, 63.5x88mm

Total quantity: 32 pieces 63.5x88mm corresponds to 1 PU = 110 pieces

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Note: Game titles and their intellectual property rights are © and TM of their respective rights holders, no challenge to these rights is made either expressly or implicitly. Compatibility claims extend only to the physical size of the cards in the respective game and Sleeve Kings makes no claim, express or implied, to endorsement or approval by the respective rights holders. Our products are only compatible with the respective games and all rights belong to the respective rights holders.

The cases are thicker than all other “standard” cases – Most “standard” cases are 40 microns thick, some even 50 microns.

The Sleeve Kings are 60 microns thick! That's 50% more than most cases on the market!

You get 10% more cases than the others - most cases come in 100 pieces per pack.
Sleeve Kings is the only brand that offers 110 pieces per pack! So 10% more FREE!

Note on sales tax:
Prices stated are total prices. No sales tax shown (small business owners).

Warning: Not suitable for children under three years due to small parts that can be swallowed and a choking hazard.

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