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Insert for 7 Wonders Duel Upgrade + Card Sleeves

Insert for 7 Wonders Duel Upgrade + Card Sleeves

  • Game material not included
  • Card sleeves up to 60 μm (micron) suitable
  • Vertical storage possible
  • Box closes flush
  • Surfaces smoothed
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ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene copolymer)

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We offer one of our best-selling inserts made of high-quality ABS with the matching card sleeves from Sleeve Kings in an affordable bundle.

Get organized and quick with our insert for 7 Wonders Duel and Pantheon & Agora expansion and protect your playing cards with the Sleeve Kings card sleeve set.

Product description:

  1. The insert and the utensil tray have been developed to fit the original 7WD + Pantheon ® & Agora ® (extension) from REPOS ® and ASMODEE ® respectively.

  2. The insert therefore offers space for all the game material.

  3. The insert and the utensil tray serve as a practical way to remove the game material during the game.

  4. Utensil bowl with internal curvatures for easy removal.

  5. Also suitable for card sleeves. We recommend the card sleeves from Sleeve Kings or Mayday Games.

  6. The following card sleeves were used, god cards from Sleeve Kings SKS-8824 61x112mm, era cards from Sleeve Kings SKS-8803 44x68mm, world wonder cards from Sleeve Kings SKS-8811 65x100mm.

  7. At the end of the game, all game materials are placed in the individual compartments provided.

  8. Then the two rule booklets (Pantheon & Agora), the game boards and finally the rule booklet & playing aid (7WD) are placed over the insert in this order after sorting the game material. This means that vertical storage or transport is possible without mixing the game material in the box.

  9. The insert can also be used without the two extensions. However, only horizontal storage is possible without mixing the game material.

  10. The insert was printed from high-quality ABS filament and ensures the desired order at the gaming table and in the board game box. This enables a quick start to the gaming fun.

The insert consists of:

  1. 1 utensil tray for the coins (1, 3, 6), influence dice and a pencil compartment with an integrated curve to make it easier to remove the game material.

  2. High-quality, lightweight and stable 3D printing.

  3. ABS filament with 22% filling material (insert) + 50% filling material (utensil bowl).

  4. Stable wall thickness of the utensil bowl of 2.4mm.

  5. No assembly required - ready to play straight away.

  6. The printed insert goes through our internal quality control before shipping.

  7. 3D printing and design from Germany.

Single weight(s): 188g (insert); 50g (shell)
Dimensions: 196.5x196.5x48.5mm (insert); 139.5x80x18.5mm (shell)

Internal dimensions (basic game box): 197x197x49mm
External dimensions (basic game box): 203x203x51mm

(All statements without guarantee)

Card sleeves:

Required quantity:

Basic game box:
Age cards 73 pieces, 45x68mm
World wonder cards 12 pieces, 65x100mm

Pantheon - Expansion:
God cards 15 pieces, 61x112mm
Gate card 1 piece, 61x112mm
Grand Temple cards 5 pieces, 45x68mm
Wonder of the world cards 2 pieces, 65x100mm
Game aid card 1 piece, 65x100mm

Agora expansion:
Senator cards 13 pieces, 45x68mm
Wonder of the world cards 2 pieces, 65x100mm
Conspiracy cards 16 pieces, 65x100mm
Game aid cards 2 pieces, 65x100mm

Total number per sleeve:
91 pieces 45x68mm (SKS-8803)
35 pieces 65x100mm (SKS-8811)
16 pieces 61x112mm (SKS-8824)

Scope of delivery:

1x insert with utensil bowl (black or brown)
Price: €28.00 - 30.00

1x Sleeve Kings SKS-8803 "Mini Euro Card Sleeves" in 45x68mm, 110 pieces, 60 microns
Publisher: Sleeve Kings
EAN: 080149926201
Packaging unit: 1 piece
Price: €2.99

1x Sleeve Kings SKS-8811 "Magnum Card Sleeves" in 65x100mm, 110 pieces, 60 microns
Publisher: Sleeve Kings
EAN: 080149927086
Packaging unit: 1 piece
Price: €2.99

1x Sleeve Kings SKS-8824 "French Tarot" sleeves in 61x112mm, 110 pieces, 60 microns
Publisher: Sleeve Kings
EAN: 080149927512
Packaging unit: 1 piece
Price: €3.49

Here you can find a complete list of protective covers for other board and card games in the extensive Google Sheet:

A notice:
Game titles and their intellectual property rights are © and TM of their respective rights holders, no challenge to these rights is made either expressly or implicitly. Compatibility claims extend only to the physical size of the cards in the respective game and Sleeve Kings makes no claim, express or implied, to endorsement or approval by the respective rights holders. Our products are only compatible with the respective games and all rights belong to the respective rights holders.

The cases are thicker than all other “standard” cases – Most “standard” cases are 40 microns thick, some even 50 microns.

The Sleeve Kings are 60 microns thick! That's 50% more than most cases on the market!

You get 10% more cases than the others - most cases come in 100 pieces per pack.
Sleeve Kings is the only brand that offers 110 pieces per pack! So 10% more FREE!

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Warning: Not suitable for children under three years due to small parts that can be swallowed and a choking hazard.

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